A smarter car loan for internationals.

Expats & international students deserve better rates. Lendbuzz considers your full profile, education, and experience so we can offer you the best terms.

Visit our website to apply for your car loan. You don't need credit history, a SSN or a co-signer. Our customer service reps speak many languages and can help you purchase the car you need. You can apply online in minutes.

How does Lendbuzz help internationals?

Lendbuzz is a financial lender founded by internationals, for internationals. We understand that internationals have special circumstances. You may not have any credit history in the US yet. You may be here on a student Visa. You may not have a Social Security Number. Or all of the above. We look beyond credit scores to provide fair rates for internationals. Plus, getting a car loan with Lendbuzz will help you build credit history in the US.

How can we offer great rates without looking at credit history?

We consider factors that traditional lenders don't: your education and employment history, current savings, and earning potential.

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We've helped many international students and professionals purchase cars in the U.S. Here's what our customers have to say about Lendbuzz.

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